Refinery & Petrochemical

efinery and Petrochemical production has been for the longest time, a major industry set locally to the WGS headquarters. With that being said, WGS Equipment and Controls excels at providing services, solutions, and equipment for these particular industries.

The refining industry typically revolves around the processing and conversion of crude oil, raw sugars, natural gases, salts, vegetable derived oils and raw metals into other much more usable fuels, textiles, consumables, and natural gas liquids otherwise known as NGLs. In the same respect, Petrochemicals are typically products derived from petroleum which itself is a byproduct of refining crude oil. Petrochemicals consist of olefins like ethylene and propylene or aromatics such as benzene, toluene, and xylene isomers. Products of the Refinery and Petrochemical industries are typically hazardous or extremely flammable/ explosive; therefore extreme caution must be practiced and many strict rules/regulations have been set on the companies that work in these two industries to ensure that both the employees and surrounding environments are safe.

indus2WGS Equipment and Controls is the best source for the highest quality equipment and solutions to be used to insure that these industries remain safe and compliant with codes/regulations that have been set upon them. We are also the best, most knowledgeable resource for any application requiring intrinsically safe environments. WGS offers equipment and services such as:

  • Explosion Isolation, Control, and Suppression.
  • Flame Suppression, Retardation, and Arrestors.
  • Gas Line Rupture Discs and Vents.
  • Safety Relief Valves, Hatches, and Other Pressure Management Solutions.
  • Level Control, Load Cells, and Flow Measurement/Control.
  • Electronic Barriers, Process, and Batch Control.
  • Intrinsically Safe Equipment Solutions.